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Kingdom Tower News

Azerbaijan Tower:  taller than Kingdom Tower?

Earlier today, plans were announced for constructing a 1,050 meter tall tower in Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku. The Avesta Group, the developer of the tower announced the new tower will have 189 floors and it is expected to be completed around 2018 or 2019.

If the Kingdom Tower will be 1,007 meter high as we previously suggested, it means the Azerbaijan Tower would be 43 meter taller than the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah.

If the Kingdom Tower would be completed as announced during 2017 and the new tower in 2018, the Jeddah Tower would not be the world’s tallest tower for a long time.

But this is all speculation at this point. No detailed plans of the new tower were presented yet, and in the past there were many other proposed supertall buildings that did not come to life, like the Nakheel Tower in Dubai for example.

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Adrian Smith +
Gordon Gill Architecture



- start date:

27th of April, 2014

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 - hight:

1000+ m
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